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John Deere tractor 5042 D Price & Specifications

John Deere tractor 5042 D Price & Specifications

John Deere has a comprehensive range of tractor models that find suitability in important farm mechanization activities. Find the complete John Deere tractor price guide here. Let’s have a look over the few models:

John Deere 5042 D: (price around 6 lacs)

John Deere 5042 D falls under the range of 42 HP tractors and has a naturally powerful engine. It has 3 cylinders, 2300 rpm and coolant cooled with overflow reservoir. It is amazing for various farm applications such as threshing, cultivation, haulage, sowing, haulage, rotavation, etc. For many orchards like cotton, maze, sugarcane, mango, etc. and crops also, it is extremely suitable. Plus, you can find many other features like dual clutch, oil-immersed brakes, smooth power steering, dry air filters, 8 forward, 4 reverse gears and 12 volt battery.

John Deere 5045D:

John Deere 5045D comes with 3 cylinders, 4-stroke diesel engine with various advanced features. It is a powerful 45 hp tractor with cooling system, power steering and oil immersed brakes. It offers better control & comfortable ride during longest hours of journey. John deere 5045d tractor price in India falls under the range of 6.20-6.60 lacs.

John Deere 5039 D:

John Deere tractor price 5039 D is about  John Deere 5039 tractor is designed for smooth farming operations. It offers full comfort with most sought after farming qualities and overall control. It runs with a 39 HP engine, 2100 rpm and has 3 cylinders. Its hydraulic system is superb.

John Deere 5310 E:

John deere 5310 new model is a 55 HP turbo charged engine with 3 cylinders, 2400 rpm, and coolant with overflow reservoir, dry air filter and 9 forward plus 3 reverse gears. Its price is about 7,50,000/-

John Deere 5050 D:

John Deere 5050 D is a 50 HP tractor. Other John Deere 5050d specifications are 2100 rpm, dry air cleaner, oil immersed brakes & hassle-free power steering.

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