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How to Service a Massey Ferguson Tractor – Infographic

How to Service a Massey Ferguson Tractor - Infographic

How to Service a Massey Ferguson Tractor

Massey Ferguson Tractor also needs service in a proper interval. So, It is a fact that any type of machine that you have is required service at an interval of time. If you properly serviced your tractor at a specific period then your tractor may last long. Like all tractors, Massey Ferguson tractors require servicing, so if you want to do service at your home, you must follow these tips.

The Massey Ferguson Tractor comes with advanced features, in various ranges, heavy fuel, and heavy lifting capacity, so the gears of the tractor used, and it required service for long work correctly. These tractors are getting smarter day by day to help increase the productivity, Massey Ferguson tractor requires service, and if you want to save the money, do service with these tips at your home.

Highlighted Points of This Infographic – Massey Ferguson Tractor 

  • Changing Oil – First of all, open the oil plug of the tank. After that, allow the oil to drain in an empty pan and wait till all the oil gets clean. Change the oil of the Massey Ferguson Tractor.
  • Diesel Filter – Now you have to open a diesel filter that requires replacement.
  • Oil Filter- Now the next step is you have to open the oil filter carefully.
  • Air Filter- And now open air filter of your Massey Ferguson Tractor. Cleaning air filters play a main role in the servicing of tractors. Wash filter drums properly with diesel.
  • Brakes – Tractor brakes are also very necessary in tractors. Open that also, wash them with diesel and petrol and clean brakes properly and now with the help of a ring fix it again in the tractor.

With all the above points these tractor parts also need greasing regularly.

  • Spindle
  • Center pin
  • Clutch shaft
  • Break shraft
  • Tyres

Infographic Here:-

How to Service a Massey Ferguson Tractor - Infographic

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