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General Tractor Safety Everyone Should Follow

General Tractor Safety

Machinery is responsible for several deaths and injuries each year on farms, major culprits being tractors and quad bikes. Tractors, being one of the inseparable components of agriculture, should be carefully handled in order to avoid mishaps. If operated correctly and fitted with rollover protection structures (ROPS), tractors are safe to use. However, unfortunately, tractors remain a common cause of injury and deaths of people working on farms. Below mentioned are the general tractor safety rules everyone should follow:


  • The very first thing is – tractors are for adults’ usage, not for children.
  • Make sure the tractor has undergone specialized training to perform all the farm needs efficaciously
  • At the time of buying a tractor, always make sure it has:
  1. Roll-over protective structures (ROPS)
  2. Appropriate guards
  3. Falling-object protective structures (FOPS)
  4. Adequate ventilation
  5. A cabin to protect you from heat, dust, rain and other elements
  • If not used safely, tractors can get falls, rollovers, and runovers.
  • Be careful during general tractor operations. Accidents may happen while hitching equipment, hydraulics, and power take-offs.
  • Pay attention especially while you are starting or stopping a tractor
  • Don’t allow passengers (especially children) ride on tractors
  • Always use seat belts
  • Safe tractor operations guidelines include:
  1. Proper servicing
  2. Fuel storage and refueling practices
  3. Correct speeds
  4. Proper hitching of implements
  5. Turning off the engine and/or power take-off when not in use
  6. Keeping all shields and guards in place.
  • Reduce speed while turning
  • Reduce speed while using a loader
  • Keep the tractor in gear while going downhill
  • Follow all traffic rules, especially on open roads
  • Keep the wheels spread wider
  • Wear a comfortable clothing and boots

These are the few general safety measures you can follow to perform all tasks safely and effectively.


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