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Benefits of Electric Tractor in Future Farming

Benefits of Electric Tractor in Future Farming

Will Indian farmers continue to use human labour to work on the land or will technology reduce this burden? That’s the question that many farmers are dealing with. So, here we are discussing the electric tractor in India and its benefits for future farming. 

A farmer always finds a way to make farming easier or less expensive. And technology is the solution to this problem, it makes farming easier or less expensive.

Due to the reduction of fuel consumption, electric tractors are important for farming. It operates by batteries, making farming easy and economical.

Even as farmland income being boost by the use of technology, more can be done to solve the burden on the farmers.

They are quieter and increase production at a low cost. Electrical energy produce by wind, sun, wastes, and animal manure. These are futurist solutions for reducing pollution and dependency on fossil fuels.

What is an Electric Tractor and Why Electric Tractors are needed?

Traditional tractors are powered by either diesel or gasoline and have transmission powered with hydraulic fluids, but electric tractors are different. They are powered by electronics batteries that can be recharged simply by plugging them into a socket.

Most diesel tractors need a complete engine rebuild after 6000 hours operation, which can be almost as expensive as a new tractor. But the electric tractor can go 5-10 years and all they may need is a battery change anyone can do that.

Electric tractors have a number of advantages over their diesel tractors, most importantly they do not produce CO2 emission or other air pollution directly.

Electric Tractor for Future Farming 

Electric tractor

  1. Eco friendly

These tractors are eco-friendly as compared to traditional tractors. No one can say that the electricity you use comes from the electric company, you can charge your tractor by a solar system.

It does not make noise while in use. There are no extra expenses for fuel or maintenance. These tractors are much more efficient as compared to the traditional tractor. No smoke is another achievement of an electric tractor.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness:

Cost reduction surely is done by the electric drive; reduction of fossil fuel is the best example of that. Prices of these tractors are almost the same as traditional tractors.

Cost reduction is an important benefit of electric tractors because the high cost is a big problem for farmers. The electrical tractor is reducing extra cost as compare to diesel tractors.

  1. Efficiency

These tractors are efficient; it gives great accuracy when it works. The diesel tractor has 35% efficiency when it converts thermal energy into mechanical energy. Compare that with the efficiency of charging or discharging batteries 80%, while electric tractors are more efficient.

  1. Repair and Maintenance

When farmers have worked to do on the field, the most important thing that a farmer is going to do is fixing your tractor.

Electric tractors have fewer moving parts, meaning fewer things that go wrong. So repairing and maintenance costs reduce and your tractor works for more periods.

Environment-friendly electric tractor – Get more detail!

Electric Tractors in India 

  • Auto NXT has built an electric tractor to help small scale farmers. These startups made the world’s first auto driverless tractor. Mumbai based startups established by Kaustubh Dhonde, an electronics engineer. This tractor’s name is “Hulk”.
  • Mahindra and Mahindra are making driverless tractors for big farmers, developed at the Mahindra research valley.
  • In 2020 HAV (Hybrid Agriculture Vehicle) is going to launch a future-ready electric tractor, called HAV 50 s1.


These points are defining how an electric tractor is useful for future farming. And I have come to the conclusion that electric tractors make our farming future brighter and less expensive.

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