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Eicher Tractors with Specifications

Eicher Tractors with Specifications

Eicher is one of the leading and oldest tractor brands in India. With all-new ‘E’ Eicher symbol, it has established a remarkable image in the minds of consumers. Being a trusted name in agricultural sector, its tractors are world-famous for their value-for-money proposition, multi-faceted machines and high cost-effectiveness. Also, it manufactures hi-tech tractors in conformance with the latest technology to offer you one-of-a-kind experience. Here is the Eicher tractor price list with full specifications including eicher 557 hp:

Eicher 557:

Eicher 557 has the full comfort & convenience to help you settle down well during the long tiring days. It has a lifting capacity of 1470 kg with 50 HP horse power & 3300 cc cubic capacity to manage complex tasks. It is suitable to run on rugged surfaces with high-quality assembly, engineering & parts that are durable in the long run. The eicher 557 price is around 6 lacs.

Eicher Tractor 548:

Eicher 548 hp price is near about 6 lacs with a lifting capacity of 1300 kg. It has oil bath type air filters, 2945 cc capacity, 3 cylinders and 48 HP horse power that makes it fine for farm mechanization. With optimum fuel tank capacity, it has side shift sliding & a combination of constant & sliding mesh.

Eicher Tractor 551:

Eicher 551 is priced at 6 lacs with a stunning look. Its transmission includes a balanced combination of constant & sliding mesh, 1700 kg lifting capacity & 49 HP horsepower. It is suitable for sowing, harvesting, haulage, threshing, etc. With 3300 cc, 3 cylinders & slide shift sliding, it finds core-agri suitability.

Eicher Tractor 242 Mini Tractor:

As the name suggests, this is a compact model with 115 NCE engine & sliding mesh. It has 3-point linkage hydraulic system with ADDC (Automatic depth & draft control) and has been categorized under 21-30 HP horsepower. It has dry disc brake type and is priced around 4 lacs.

Eicher Tractor 380:

Eicher 380 has central shift transmission and a lifting capacity of 1300 kg. It has 2500 cubic capacity & 3 cylinders. With 40 hp horsepower, it is priced 5.20 lacs approximately. Of Eicher 380 is one of most successful models of Eicher Tractors.

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