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Best Price and Specifications of Eicher Tractor Models

Best Price and Specifications of Eicher Tractor Models| tractorjunction

Eicher is a well-known tractor brand all over the world. It is one of the oldest names in the industry that manufactures best-in-class tractor models with a range of features to enhance farm productivity and overall profitability of farmers. ‘E’ symbol of Eicher is a worldwide respected mark. As a reputed brand in the agri sector, Eicher manufacture models at the intersection of cost-effectiveness, value proposition and proficiency with latest technology.

Let’s have a look over the best Eicher tractor models with their best price and specifications:

Eicher 485 Tractor:

Eicher 485 tractor falls under the category of 41-50 HP. With dry type disc brakes, it has a sliding mesh transmission. It has a 3-point linkage with automatic depth and draft control (ADDC) to offer hassle-free drive. The price of Eicher 485 tractor is Rs.6,11,000.

Eicher 242 Tractor:

  • Engine: Eicher 115 NCE
  • Transmission: Sliding mesh
  • Hydraulic System: Three point linkage with Automatic depth and draft control (ADDC)
  • Horsepower: 21 – 30 HP category
  • Brakes: Dry Disc Brakes for better drive

The Eicher 242 Tractor Price is around 4 lacs.

Eicher 380 Tractor:

  • 3 Cylinder Fuel injected 2500 cc engine to run smoothly on all kinds of land surfaces.
  • Single peace hood which is easy to open.
  • Top Speed of 30 Kmph.
  • 45 liters fuel tank capacity.
  • 1980 KG of total weight to serve better lifting capacity.
  • Excellent ground clearance of 350 mm
  • It has automatic Depth and draft control (ADDC).

The price of Eicher 371 tractor is around 4,75,000/-

Eicher 548 Tractor:

  • Eicher 548 is a 48 horsepower tractor.
  • It has 3 cylinders and 2945 CC powerful engine for hassle-free drive.
  • It generates 540 PTO RPM.
  • The design of tractor help farmers carry out better farming operations.
  • Eicher 548 performs well with rotavator, cultivator, spraying, haulage, sowing, reaper, threshing and across multiple crops like grapes, groundnut, cotton, castor etc as well.

The price of Eicher 548 tractor is around 6 lacs.

Eicher 557 Tractor:

  • Eicher 557 is 50 horsepower tractors.
  • It has 3 cylinders 3300 CC powerful engine.
  • It generates an rpm of 540 PTO.
  • It has power steering for flawless drive.
  • The battery capacity of the tractor is 12V, 88Ah.

The price of Eicher 557 tractor is around 7,00,000/-

Eicher 371 Tractor:

  • It has 3 cylinders.
  • It has 37 HP engine.
  • Engine: 3500 CC
  • Gear Box: 8 Forward +2 Reverse
  • Brake: Oil Immersed Brakes

The price of Eicher 371 tractor is 4.75 lacs.

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