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A Comprehensive EICHER 364 SUPER DI Price List in India

A Comprehensive EICHER 364 SUPER DI Price List in India

Eicher is a global tractor king manufacturing tractors of different types, prices, usage & purposes. Have a look over the different models of Eicher including EICHER tractor price list in India:


Eicher 364 Super DI is a 40 bhp multi-faceted tractor suitable for different kinds of farm applications such as spraying, pudding, rotavation, cultivation, pudding, haulage, etc. It comprises 2 cylinders, 1963 cc engine and runs at 2150 rpm. With a fuel tank capacity of 49.5 liters, it is extremely preferred for orchards like orange, mango & grapes. The machine is ideal of performing versatile operations like dry disc brakes, 70 AH battery and 8 forward plus 2 reverse brakes. EICHER 364 SUPER DI price is around 5 lacs.

Eicher 485 Super DI:

Eicher 485 Super DI (Priced around 6 lacs) is a multi-purpose tractor suitable for various important farm applications like threshing, rotavation, spraying, etc. It is a 45 HP tractor powered by 2945cc engine and 4-stroke diesel engine. It runs with a power of 2150 rpm and renders high fuel efficiency. Weighing 2045 kg, it has a hydraulic capacity of 12000 kg. It finds extensive usage for different orchards like mango, orange, grapes, etc. It has mechanical shoe brakes, heavy duty cerametallic plate, 75 AH battery, 8 forward, 2 reverse brakes and mechanical steering.

Eicher 5150 Super DI:

Eicher 5150 Super DI has a 4-stroke diesel engine, 3 cylinders and runs with a power of 2200 rpm. It offers high performance in different farm applications such as cultivation, sowing, spraying, cultivation, etc. Also, it comes with oil immersed brakes. EICHER tractor 5150 SUPER DI price is around 7.25 lacs.

The above EICHER tractor price list in India and specifications have been taken from the most authentic sources and can be taken into consideration to make wise decisions.

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