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Captain Tractors – Improving lives of Farmers Since 1994

Captain Tractors is constantly providing products that empower Indian farmers. Surprised! Yes, just from the company establishment, Captain Tractors always tries to empower Indian farmers, mainly on small landholdings. With their every launched product, they always provide tractors and farming implements that offer highly productive work on the field. And resultant high income.

Hey guys, we are once again here to talk about how Captain Tractors improved the standard of living of Indian farmers from 1994. Our previous blog on Captain clearly explained that each Captain tractor provides 28+ tasks. These 28+ tasks include Ploughing, Harrowing, Cultivating, soil pulverization, harrowing, levelling, bed forming, ridging, puddling, sowing, irrigation, fertilization and many more. Every product describes why a Captain tractors is the best for Indian farmers. From their foundation, they are constantly winning hearts of their customers. The best part is that the company set a Captain Tractors price according to the small farmer’s budget to afford it easily.

Let’s discuss how Captain Tractors Constantly Improving lives of Indian farmers.

1. Launched Indiaʼs 1st Mini Tractor

In 1998, they launched the first ever mini tractor in India. Their main idea behind it is to support small landholding farmers with their tractor. With their newly launched products, they fixed prices too affordable that every farmer could buy. From the first day, the company tried to change or improve the way of farming.

At first, farming in the orchards and small lands were hard to do with full-fledged tractors. But, Mr. G. T. PATEL & Mr. M. T. PATEL, these two brothers noticed that and worked on that idea. They invented the 1st ever mini tractor for small landholding and orchards. And in a short span, Captain tractors ruled the market.

2. Manufactured Implements for Mini Tractors

The next step was taken by the company that manufactured implements for mini tractors in 2002. After the grand success of their mini tractor, farmers found that the mini tractor wasn’t pulling heavy duty implements. Obviously, how can small structured low powered mini tractors pull heavy duty implements? So, after some years of planning, the two brothers launched an implement specially manufactured for a mini tractor. The main thing is these implements cost friendly that every farmer can buy for their tractors. With this launch, Captain Tractors regained the trust of farmers.

3. Company Launched 7th Generation Tractor

We know with every passing time, Captain Tractor enhanced their technology with advanced launched. This time company launched a 7th generation tractor in the market for the Indian farmers. This tractor is one step ahead from among all. It manufactured with feather grip gear knob, smart ADDC hydraulic, 4wd/2wd option, water resistance brakes, hi-power multi speed PTO, best fuel efficiency and many more.

4. Roll out 8th Generation Tractor

Recently the Captain 8th Generation tractor rolled out in the market. The 8th generation tractor of Captain is making a buzz in the market. With this tractor company’s roar gets louder. This tractor is ultimately unstoppable, which provides good efficiency on the farms. Captain 283 4WD- 8G comes with 3 cylinders, 27 HP, and 1318 CC that generates 2700 engine rated RPM. with this, the tractor has 9 Forward + 3 Reverse Side-shifting gears and Power Steering. Captain 283 4WD- 8G price is reasonable for every farmer.

5. Adoption of Farm Mechanization

Step by step, the brand is moving towards a new innovative world, and they need to take on it.

On account of work emergencies, cultivating turns into the hardest while dealing with time usage challenges. Often, Indian farmers need to experience the ill effects of misfortune or annihilation of harvest quality. Farm Mechanization must be the response to these sort of deplorable difficulties. There are additionally a few reasons that, without a doubt, demonstrates why farming automation is excessively significant:

  • Boosting Agriculture Productivity
  • Maximum usage of innovation and accessible assets
  • Expansion of Food Availability
  • To make horticultural trades better.

These are the most grounded motivations to redirect the age towards Farm Mechanization. Homestead Mechanization can expand the efficiency up to 30% and likewise lessen the expense of development up to 20%. Besides, it again saves essential time and reduces the hard work of Farmers.

6. Innovator of First Indigenous Mini Tractor

Trendsetter of First Indigenous Mini Tractor, Mr. G. T. Patel and Mr. M. T. Patel, has a place from the group of little farmers of Village Sanali, Dist. Amreli (Gujarat), the two of them contemplated till they matriculated. They had seen the battle of their dad and every one of the farmers who were financially challenged. Consequently, Mr. G. T. Patel and Mr. M. T. Patel both had a dream to accomplish something productive for minimal ranchers which can diminish the difficult work, lessen reliance on farm works and bullocks, decrease season of cultivating, diminish working expense, take away the inactive expense of bullocks, cost efficiency, and in this manner work on the way of life inside moderate and sensible cost.

7. Affordable Products 

Captain Tractors products are too affordable. These tractors are specially manufactured for farmers facing financial crises in buying tractors and other farm implements. So the two brothers started producing cost effective products, and every farmer can enjoy their productivity.

8. Features Advancement 

Captain Tractors provides advancement in features and technology with every launch. They never compromise technology for the price. Their products are loaded with quality, power and refinement. This combination makes a Captain tractors the 1st choice of Indian farmers. In an interview with some Captain customers, they had a standard answer: Why Captain Tractor? They replied, ‘we want performance, productivity and power in our budget and Captain tractors is best in every area.

9. Best for Small Farmers

One thing is common in old and present times, and farmers have a tiny budget. They merely buy machines for their farms. How can they purchase advanced and expensive tractors and implements? Captain Tractors solves all those problems with every launch. They try to empower each farmer by providing the best quality products to them.

These are all about how Captain Tractors improved the lives of Indian farmers. They indeed have done a lot of work for farmers and agriculture. We bow down to them because they earn the respect of many farmers and brands. For more updates, stay connected with Tractor Junction.

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