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Captain Tractor Information – History of Captain Tractors

History of Captain Tractors – Since 1994

Captain Tractors was founded in 1994 by two Patel brothers G. T. Patel and M. T. Patel. After a sleepless struggle, for the first time in India actual innovative products and perfect ‘Mini Tractors’ are produced. Captain mini tractors help the small farmers to rapidly increase their production. They have all the fresh products, equipment, advanced machinery, high-quality products, and many more.

Captain tractors are the popular tractor exporters and producers, they guarantee defect-free creation lines. They serve their clients from their different workplaces in India. Now, with a lot of innovations and expertise, Captain Tractors kept their customers at a priority list and provide products according to them.

Why is Captain Tractors perfect for the Farmers?

Captain Tractors work with integrity, belief, and honesty. Their priority is to satisfy its customer by providing the best quality product. Captain tractors continuously change and innovate their products. Captains grow with worth and morals. Captain tractors are the most lovable mini tractors in India and production for the small farmers.

The Captain tractors consume 40% less fuel compared to other tractors and mini captain Tractor price is economical for the farmers. And, Captain Tractor’s engine is the heart, which is inspected and verified by ARAI as per rules for pollution control. Captain Tractor new model price and specification is the most unique thing because the price is too affordable with its unbeatable.

Captain Tractors Price and HP Range

The Captain tractors are the best compact tractors not only domestically as well as internationally. They have all the qualities of fully organized tractors and made with innovative technologies. Captain tractor offers hp ranging from 15 hp to 26 hp at a reasonable price range starting from Rs. 2.85 lakh* to Rs. 4.50 lakh*. This is the perfect blend of the price and features.

Popular Captain Tractors in India

Captain 200 DI 

captain 200 di

Captain 200 DI comes with 20 hp, 1 cylinder, and 2300 water-cooled engine rated RPM. The engine capacity is 895 cc. It has 8 forward + 2 reverse synchromesh gearboxes with a single clutch.

The Captain 200 DI comes with the option of 2 wheel drives with 5.20 x 14 front wheel and 8.00 x 18 rear wheels. It also has accessories like tool, TopLink, canopy, hook, bumper, and drawbar.

Captain 280 DI 

Captain Tractor 280 DI

Captain 280 DI offers 28 hp and 2 cylinders generating 2500 engine rated RPM. The Captain 280 DI engine capacity is 1290 cc water-cooled engine capacity.

The Captain 280 DI has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1000 kg which is appropriate for many implements and it has mechanical steering type. Captain 280 DI price is too reasonable.

Captain 120 DI 

Captain Tractor 120 DI

The Captain 120 DI is the best mini tractor which is a huge demand in the Indian market. It offers 1 cylinder, 15 hp which generate 2600 engine rated RPM and has 624 cc air-cooled powerful engine capacity.

And, Captain 120 DI comes with 8 forward + 2 reverse synchromesh gear boxes and has a single clutch. The Captain 120 DI has manual steering type with single drop arm. Captain 120 DI on-road price is fit in every farmer budget.

Captain 273 DI 

Capatin Tractor 273 di

The Captain 273 DI tractor is very popular among the Indian farmers it comes with superb features which can make farmer’s task easy on fields. It comes with 27 hp, 3 cylinders, and has 2400 engine rated RPM. Captain 273 DI engine capacity is 1318 cc. This combination works superbly in the fields.

A Captain 273 offers 8 forward + 2 reverse synchromesh gear boxes and steering type is power steering.

Captain 250 DI 

Captain Tractor

Captain 250 DI has 25 hp, 2 cylinders, and 2200 engine rated RPM. The Captain 250 DI engine capacity is 1290 cc. It has 2 forward + 2 reverse synchromesh gear boxes and has a single clutch.

The Captain 250 DI steering type is manual steering with single drop arm. Captain 250 DI on-road price is affordable.

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