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Types of JCB Tractor Attachments – Features & Benefits

Various Types of JCB Tractor Attachments

JCB Tractor is used for heavy purposes and substantial works. JCB manufactures equipment for agriculture, construction, and demolition. It builds over 300 types of machines like excavators, diggers, excavators, tractors, and diesel engines, etc. JCB’s products are sold in 150 countries and are the world’s third-largest manufacturer of construction equipment. Here you can find Types of JCB Tractor Attachments – Features & Benefits.

History and Worldwide Operation

Joseph Cyril Bumford founded JCB in 1945. JCB’s full form is Joseph Cyril Bamford, which was named after its founder. And it belonged to the Bamford family.

The company known as Escorts JCB Limited in India changed its name in January 2003 as JCB India Limited. In India, it has five state-of-the-art factories where it produces a wide range of best equipment. Ballabgarh, New Delhi, is the largest factory of Backhoe Loaders and the JCB India headquarters. It set up two factories at Pune for its Heavy Line business to expand its operations in 2006 and 2007.

JCB has invested around Rs. 2000 crores and employs around 5,000 people in India. JCB has more than300 products ls in 150 countries. ITis a good brand in India that even any brand of backhoe loader gets pronounced JCB. JCB is the highest seller of backhoe loaders in India. Tractor Front End Loader is used for scooping, loading, unloading, earth, gravel, debris, etc. and a hinged fitted on the front end pair of jointed arms along with a bucket.

Various Types of JCB Tractor Attachments

JCB is nothing an extra attachment to the tractor. It designed to make farmers work smoothly, efficiently, and reduce labor dependency. It specially designed to satisfy a farmer’s day-to-day work and reduce labor dependency.

Radial Loader

Radial loader

A used for a low-cost material handling machine and process industries. It often fitted on the tractor on a stable platform. It can lift 500 Kgs capacity, and lifting height is 20ft. type of Radial loader:

  • Concrete Radial loader
  • Dozer Radial loader
  • Loader Radial loader
  • Telescopic Radial loader
  • Radial Unloader

    It produced many features 8 – 12 tons* / hr Practical output, 3.5 liters/hr Diesel consumption, 360 Grabber rotation + 360 arm rotation, and many more. Radial loader mounted on any 45HP plus category tractor and can handle the maximum weight of 400kgs. It used in transportation, To remove soil and to dig, etc. It used for many such things, and it works very actively and effectively.

Front End Loader

front end loader

Front End Loader is a tractor attachment that’s more suitable for heavy-duty applications in Agriculture, Construction, and many other industrial segments. Also known as a shovel, scoop loader or bucket loader, the front loader is a type of tractor. It usually wheeled and uses a square inclined bucket to lift and move material. The loader assembly mounted on the vehicle, and sometimes, the Bucket replaced the other devices or tools, forks, or hydraulically operated buckets. The loader comes with 40 + sorts application of bucket options that are compatible with 140 models of Tractors.



Dozer is a leveling blade that is fitted on the front side of the tractor. all other bull attachments, an equivalent is additionally designed to stop damage to the tractor. Dozer, also called Bulldozer, is a powerful machine for pushing rocks, used in Road Making, farming, construction, and wrecking. It includes a wide, heavy steel blade or plate mounted on the front of a tractor. Sometimes it installed on a four wd tractor.  A dozer can do many types of digging alone, and it is useful in combination with other machinery in digging tasks.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader

Backhoe loaders are ideal for exploitation, excavation, digging, dozing, and demolition, and both work well even on hard soils. The machines are proven tested with 84 equipment compatible tractors and used in modern farming very efficiently and effectively. It can break 2721 kg and lift 1360 kg.

HD Ultra Sugarcane Loader

HD Ultra Sugarcane Loader

The ultra-sugarcane loader is perfect for sugar mills or sugar loading. It grabs sugarcane with soil at the highest and can lift 1 tonne, has a high driving speed, and ideal for sugar mills. HD Ultra sugarcane loader designed for 24/7 operation. It grabs sugarcane from the top. 

Telescopic Loader & Unloader


Telescopic loaders and Unloaders are correct for loading and unloading. It is ideal for loading and unloading biomass like cotton, husk, etc. up to 17.5 ft from ground level. There is a two type of telescopic:

  • Telescopic loader
  • Telescopic unloader

Ultra Loader

Ultra loader

It can work with 500 – 850 kilograms and a lift height of 15 feet. Ultra loaders are ideal for heavy loads and easily lift the products. The best USP of an ultra loader is low fuel consumption. It can consume low diesel that is the best feature of this loader. It is beneficial for lifting heavy materials and easily attached to the JCB tractor

JCB Tractor used for all types of substantial agricultural handling like fodder, manure, fertilizers, cereals, feed, harvested commodities, plantations, drip irrigation (trenching), exploitation, etc.

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