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12 Best Rural Business Ideas in India – Start from Villages & Small Towns!

12 Best Rural Business Ideas in India

According to India’s scenario, we are afraid to invest our money in starting a business. But starting business for rural areas can be beneficial for those who can’t afford the urban lifestyle and expenses. Also, it is helpful for villagers who are not educated and belong to a farmer’s habitat. In this blog, you get many options of rural business ideas that will help you to choose according to your suitability.

Occupation has always been a problem in rural India, but things have changed because of government support and start-up courage. Rural areas also have multiple business opportunities compared to urban areas. In addition, mostly rural areas contribute to the agricultural sector, which helps to grow the nation’s economy. 

Starting a business in villages does not require paperwork, progressive supplies and others. Most people in towns engage in the agricultural industry, or they are involved in businesses related to retail, livestock, and other sectors. This section will discuss some of the top small business ideas to start in rural areas.

12 Most Profitable Rural Business Ideas

Check out the most money-making and successful business ideas for villages and small towns

1. Retail Store

Retail stores can be the best option as traders in villages get the material quickly at a low cost. These stores in towns can solve this problem to a large extent, making it a small investment business in villages. These retail markets can be Kirana store, tailor shop, electronics shop, salons, sweet shops, mechanic and plumbing services, electronics repair shop etc.

2. Poultry Farming

This is another productive rural business idea which requires less investment, land and labour. Many government schemes are also helping people to set up livestock and poultry businesses by giving them loans. As a business owner, you can start with one of the best businesses in the rural area of ​​poultry farming and animal husbandry.

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3. E-Mitra

Emitra shop is the best option for villagers because it can help farmers and other villagers to get updated about everything. For example, farmers easily get to know Sarkari Yojana, Subsidy and many more. Moreover, due to Emitra, farmers get all the updated news about Tractor News, Agriculture News, Weather News, and Agri Business News

4. Selling Seeds and Fertilisers

Agriculture is the primary occupation in Indian villages. Therefore, agriculture-related products like fertilisers and pesticides are always in need. Selling seeds in local areas can be beneficial for farmers. This can reduce the expense of going to the town to buy seeds and fertilisers. Also, farmers get mandi price easily on their phones. 

5. Organic Vegetables and Fruits Business

Not every farmer grows fruit and vegetables and villagers also need to buy fruits and vegetables. This is the most uncomplicated and ordinary business for anyone, primarily for native villagers living in the rural area. Organic farming can make a massive profit as everyone wants organic vegetables. And those who grow vegetables can sell them in supermarkets through tractors for more earnings. 

6. Water supply

Some Indian villages still don’t have proper Water supply. And supplying water is the most convenient business idea because the requirement for water is increasing day by day. And the shortage of water in the rural areas. So, supplying water through tractors can be a good option for business. 

7. Rental Agriculture Machinery

As commonly known, renting farm machinery is the most economical way of using Agriculture Machinery for marginal farmers. So, this rural business idea is affordable and beneficial for villagers. This can make enormous goods for your business. 

8. Oil Mills

Oil mills are a demanding shop because everyone wants refined oil, organic oil, and others. Also, oil mills are used to extract oil from soybean, mustard, groundnut etc. This one is the cheapest and organic business idea. 

9. Disposal making

Disposal making at home and selling to markets can be an excellent option. Because of the demand for disposable plates and glass in every event of the village. It is a perfect idea for a low investment startup. The advantage of a disposal making machine is any member of the family can use it easily. 

10. Agarbatti making

Agarbatti is the need of every home, shop and temple. This rural business idea can be profitable because of its demand. Even for starting something new few things matter for prayer and agarbatti is one of them. And minimum things required for agarbatti making such as perfume, oil of sandalwood, charcoal powder and others. So, it can be an excellent option for a startup. 

11. Handmade Items

Villagers are very creative in making bags, cotton chunnis, decorating items for home and many more. By selling in the market these items at an affordable range can attract customers and also you can start an online business of selling handmade items to make a good reach.

12. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is known as one of the best businesses in rural areas because of high margin business and it is a daily used product which has no recession time. If you relate to a farmers house then the dairy farming business idea can be more lucrative for you. The collection of pure butter, paneer, ghee, and other milk products are rarely seen. And you can earn good profit by selling them in cities also at a good price. 

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Benefits Of Rural Business

There are a lot of most profitable businesses in rural areas in India that will help you to grow in small towns.

  • Lack of Competition

The advantage for rural areas is that there is no such competition in the market. Smaller cities have few competitors, depending on your location or initiative. Because there is a wide variety of things to do compared to urban areas, this means that you will have a huge customer base right from the beginning.

  • Low Budget Start-Up

Another benefit of starting a business in villages is that it is much cheaper than in cities. The land is more economical, be it on rent or on lease. And other things like materials, products, labour etc., are economical in almost every way.

  • Loyalty of Community

Villagers are more trustworthy, and their friendly attitude continues to be your buyer if you keep the same quality and service they want.

Minimum Investment Required for Rural Business

For starting a rural business, there is no fixed amount. But we can take an approximate amount that will be around 50,000. And here you get to know about how to operate businesses, their investment provisions, other involvements, necessities and more. Also, Rural Marketing Strategies are helpful, making it easier for you to decide on your business.


These were some resourceful small business ideas for rural areas in India that will help you grow personally and financially. We have covered the top most profitable business ideas in rural areas for you. This is a long list regarding the endless business possibilities.

Moreover, Tractor Junction always helps you to give accurate information about farm machinery and business ideas. And for more such details, be with us.


Ques. What is the role of small business in rural areas? 

Ans. It can prevent the migration of people from rural areas to urban areas in search of employment possibilities.

Ques. Which business is best in small towns?

Ans. Listed below the best small town businesses.

  • Retail shops
  • Poultry farming 
  • Medical shop 
  • Flour mill 
  • Bakery 
  • Paper cutting
  • Sanitization

Ques. Which business is most profitable in a rural area?

Ans. Growing organic vegetable is the profitable business in a rural area.  

Ques. What are the most successful rural business ideas?

Ans. Here is a list of most successful rural business ideas for beginners.

  • Organic Vegetables and Fruits Business
  • E-Mitra 
  • Oil mills 
  • Disposal making
  • Handmade Items

Ques. What does the government do in support of organic farming?

Ans. Yes, government support farmers by providing subsidies on organic farming.

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