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Belarus Tractor is a series of four-wheeled tractors which is very well known by the Commonwealth of Independent States and exported to more than 100 countries around the world. It offers a wide range, and its family includes 6 Belarus tractor models in India. Tractor Belarus is the most performing tractor and has air or liquid-cooled engine with a 4-cylinder diesel, 6-cylinder and articulated models, Belarus tractor hp etc. This tractors Belarus quality made it the highest tractor selling brand in India. There are top 6 popular Belarus tractor models with special features such as Belarus 451, Belarus 622, Belarus 1025.4, Belarus 952.4, Belarus 920.4, Belarus 651.


Belarus Tractor Price List 2021 in India

Belarus Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Belarus 451 4WD 50 HP Rs. 13.30 Lakh - 13.70 Lakh
Belarus 622 4WD with AC Cabin 62 HP Rs. 18.95 Lakh - 19.35 Lakh
Belarus 1025.4 4WD 110 HP Rs. 29.03 Lakh - 29.50 Lakh
Belarus 952.4 4WD 95 HP Rs. 26.50 Lakh - 26.90 Lakh
Belarus 651 4WD 62 HP Rs. 15.80 Lakh - 16.25 Lakh
Belarus 920.4 4WD 84 HP Rs. 22.92 Lakh - 23.40 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Jun 16, 2021

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About Belarus Tractor

Belarus Tractor is the leading tractor brand in India. It offers a wide range of innovative tractors in India. 

This tractor comes from the house of International Tractors, a brand that the world relies upon, started with the production of Belarus Tractor. This company has been manufactured since 1950 as an International company which is a famous tractor manufacturer and supplies tractors according to the needs of the farmers. 

Popular Belarus Tractor Model in India

Belarus range of tractors comes in various models like Belarus 451, Belarus 622, Belarus 1025.4, Belarus 952.4, Belarus 920.4, Belarus 651, which are the cheapest tractors in price and easily bought by the farmers and customers. 

Belarus Tractor comes under the No. 1 leading tractor in India. It provides a powerful tractor with many comfortable features. Belarus provides its tractors according to their region and different climatic conditions across the world. They used advanced technologies and innovative ideas to manufacture its products. Belarus Tractor company empowers the rural sector in India as well as in urban sectors across the globe. 

Why Is Belarus The Best Tractor Company? 

Belarus Tractor is very popular for its features and the best configurations in India. The price of the Belarus tractor is available at the TractorJunction app. 

  • Provides mechanizing products across the world.
  • Best in customer satisfaction and fulfil their needs.
  • Provides advanced products at a reasonable Belarus tractor price.
  • Belarus Tractor committed to its values.

Belarus Product Portfolio 

Each tractor of Belarus offers a powerful engine that provides high productivity on the farm at an affordable range with low maintenance cost. 

Belarus tractor hp are popular among the farmers, and they are also increasing their existence gradually into the 57 HP Belarus Tractor range by supplying the best tractor to Indian farmers.

It started business in custom hiring centres across the world. It is a perfect platform for small and marginal farmers to buy amazing tractors. Their main goal behind this is to increase the yield of the farmers at a low cost. 
Belarus Tractor Price In India

It provides all advanced tractors at an economical range. Belarus tractor new model and Belarus tractor old model at a reasonable price that a farmer can afford easily. 

57 HP Belarus Tractor price is very affordable and budget-friendly to every farmer. According to its good features, nobody can deny buying it.
At Tractorjunction, you can find updated Belarus Tractor Prices easily. 
Belarus Tractor For Sale Report
At the 74th anniversary of the company's Minsk Tractor Plant, Belarus tractors for sale report confirmed it had manufactured 40,000 tractors in 2019, with the biggest goal of manufacturing 60,000 in 2030.

The Belarus Tractor company currently has 22,754 employees, and it had plans to reduce that number to 15,000 by 2030. Its plans to accomplish this by "technical innovations in production."

Belarus Tractor Dealers

Belarus provides tractors in more than 100 countries. They have been certified with many dealers all over the world. In India it is the most popular tractor brand, and its tractors have a significant demand in Indian and foreign markets.

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Recently Asked User Questions about Belarus Tractor

Answer. Belarus 451 is the most popular model of Belarus Tractor.

Answer. Belarus Tractor company confirmed it has manufactured 40,000 tractors.

Answer. At TractorJunction, you can get Belarus tractor models, Belarus tractors price India and many more at a single platform.

Answer. Belarus Tractors have been manufactured since 1950, and it is known by the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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