Top Highlights of Krishi Mahotsav Event in Kota 2023

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Top Highlights of Krishi Mahotsav Event in Kota 2023

Krishi Mahotsav Kota started on 24th Jan 2023, Tuesday at Dussehra Ground, Kota, Rajasthan. It is a two-day event on the 24th & 25th Jan 2023. Here are special highlights and announcements from the event.

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Om Birla, Lok Sabha Speaker, was seen driving a tractor. To demonstrate the importance and emerging need for farm mechanisation solutions like tractors in every corner of the country.

As the event advanced - Kailash Chaudhary, Union Minister & Lok Sabha Speaker, was seen flying drones from the stage to state the importance of advanced technology in agriculture. He conversed with the farmers and agriculturists on the importance of how drones can be the best asset to spray pesticides and fertilisers.

“Farmers Should Do Value Addition - By Processing Production!”

Om Birla added, "Farmers will have to improve practices to increase their income potential. He said they have to adopt the best technologies to be able to produce crops at low cost to attract high margins. Farmers will now have to add to their production by selling processed goods if they want to increase their earning possibilities.”

Appreciation of Indian Production in Countries Like the Netherlands & Mexico

During Kisan mela 2023, Om Birla shared how he has visited many international countries appreciating Indian farm produce. He shared  — “Indian coriander is praised in Dubai” the Netherlands praised Bundi of Rajasthan. And in Mexico, wheat seeds were invented by an Indian (who is also the Director of the Agricultural University of Mexico).

Rajasthani Millets Reaching the World!

In Krishi Mahotsav Kota 2023, Kailash Chaudhary shared how the Indian government has increased the budget to 13,2000 crores (whereas it was just 23000 crores in 2013).

He added that the growing production of millet would increase across the country, including Rajasthan. The govt. is setting up a “Farmer Producer Organization” for processing and marketing local produce to help farmers. Through “Agriculture Infrastructure Fund, the govt. is initiating many schemes to increase the purchase of farming equipment.

Lalchand Kataria, Rajasthan Minister, said farmers need to adopt the latest technology to grow crops at a low cost. Moreover, Udaylal Anjana (Cooperative Minister) said they are focusing on increasing centres for procurement on MSP. Earlier, there were only 250 centres; now, we have 800 centres to help farmers sell their crops.

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Future Plans to Sustain Agriculture in Rajasthan & Beyond!

During the Kisan Krushi Pradarshan, various future plans were discussed. To increase storage capacity, there will be more godowns made available. Funds of Rs 2000 crores are mobilised to the cooperative dept. for MSP or similar purchases. 

Post-Inaugural Ceremony on 24th Jan 2023!

After the inaugural ceremony of Krushi Mela in Kota, all ministers took notice of all startups available with their stalls and product offering on the campus. 

Various crop insurance companies were present with their outlets to help farmers seek knowledge and the best way to acquire insurance before an emergency arises.

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