Man left his government job and became farmer ,now he is earning 1.5- 2 crore per year.

Man left his government job and became farmer ,now he is earning 1.5- 2 crore per year.

Posted On - 16 Nov 2016

He had government jobs, but he was not satisfied with it. He belongs to a family of farmers, and some wanted to step aside. Once an agricultural exhibition held in Delhi, where he happened to visit and changed his life. He resigned from his job and his 120-acre farm ie Aloe vera and other crops has started.

Yes, we are talking about the annual income from the farms which Dhanadeva Harish date is between one and a half to two million. Harish, 45 km from Jaisalmer Dhisr his company Agro Nechurlo 'is launched. The Thar desert are large amounts of aloe vera Prodekts Ptnjli food is sent to the juice that is created.

The quality of Aloe Vera in the desert is so great that it is extremely demanding national and international markets. Aloe Vera grown in the State of Ptnjli experts found the quality so good that he gave orders immediately for its leaves. Farming resign from job to start this adventure Dhanadeva decision pleasant results.

Dhanadeva indicate he got a job as junior engineer in Jaisalmer City Council, but his heart was always something to do and keeps playing in. So he resigned from government service. He wanted to do something new. Last year he arrived in Delhi where they see an agricultural exhibition vera, amla and marigold cultivation idea. Usually in the desert millet, wheat, moong and mustard grown but he wanted to grow something new. 120 acres of aloe vera in his Baby put Densis species. Aloe Vera This species is so great that Brazil, Hong Kong and the US, in countries like the big demand. Aloe vera, which he initially planted today than seven lakh 80 thousand have. He points out that in the last four months of the Haridwar factory Ptnjli 125 150 tonnes of aloe vera leaves are processed Mude Qi sent. It also points out that the processing of aloe vera leaves Dhanadeva art system is through a plant for which he has established.

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