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Martiaen engineering company Supreme Double Blower System Thresher

Brand Name : Martiaen engineering company
Model Name : Supreme double blower system thresher
Implement Type : Thresher
Category : Post harvest
Implement Power : N/A

Martiaen engineering company  Supreme Double Blower System Thresher

Overview :  

Double Blower System Thresher new kind of thresher that has double wings. It can throw away heavy waste of produces like Wheat, Mustard, Cluster Beans etc. resulting in waste-free output.

Part & Features : 

Auto-Feeder Hoaper : Modern design and new arrangement for feeding corn into the machine. This avoids chances of accident. No necessity to push corn into the machine by hands. No injury is caused while drawing wheat, mustard, vetch, etc and also has better average.

Double Shaft Thresher Rotor : It is available in two types. This rotor rotates on two shaft and due to that the speed of the rotor and fan is proportionally same.

Chaffer : It is very useful for refined chaffing of grains.

Big Size Sieve : The new model is 30" wide. So there are no chances of clogging and the cleaning is done speedily.

Rear- Side Blower : This facility helps to throw away residue and to avoid spoiling tractor's radiator in case of change in the director of wind.

Traction Joint Hook : it is specially designed to adjust it up or down as per requirement

Table : Due to its special design it can be moved to and fro and up and down even though it is attached to Thresher.

Gearbox : It is designed in accordance with R.P.M of tractor. So the speed of the sieve can be adjusted according to the crop.

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