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Agristar POWERVATOR 410V

Brand Name : Agristar
Model Name : Powervator 410v
Implement Type : Rotary Tiller / Rotavator
Category : Tillage
Implement Power : N/A
Implement Price* : N/A

Agristar  POWERVATOR 410V

Overview :  

Sturdy, versatile and economic implement which combines ploughing, tilling and harrowing operations. Drive is taken from tractor PTO shaft through cardan shaft. Imported cardan shaft provided with shear bolt torque de-limiter to prevent excessive torque going into the tractor. Heavy-duty and high module gear for longer life, quieter and smoother operation. Provision for preloading of Taper Roller Bearing (TRB) in gearbox and side dropdown. Unique tailboard design to avoid mud splash on the driver during puddling. Perfect leveling/seedbed preparation after tilling. Option of interchangeability between gear-drive and chain-drive. Choice for customer to convert the variant if required. Superior rotary shafts and blades. High schedule seamless tube and boron steel blades for increased life. 5-6 inches depth of cut depending on the soil type.

Number of Blades 410V Version Working Width Type of Drive (Gear/Chain) Speed (Multi/Single) Type of Blade (L/C/J) L Weight
Working Width Soft Soil
Type of Drive (Gear/Chain) 25-30
Speed (Multi/Single) 24
Type of Blade (L/C/J) 1000 mm
Weight Gear
Total Width Multi
Working Depth L

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