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Preet group Combine Harvester Preet 949 taf

Brand Name : Preet group
Model Name : Preet 949 taf
Type : 497 tcic bs,iii
Power : 76 ps at2200 rpm
Engine Type : 4
Crop : Multicrop

Preet group PREET 949 TAF

Overview :  

The facelifted PREET 949 TAF Track Combine Harvester with T.A.F. (Tangential Axial Flow) Technology is the most successful Paddy Harvester. It represents the best performance, productivity and serviceability available at the moment. PREET 949 is India's most reliable track combine harvester now with new features and color. This Track Combine Harvester is designed for harvesting Paddy Crops in Wet/Soft fields. Some of the features are stated as under: 

  • Large Sieve Area for Optimum Grain Cleaning.
  • Hydraulic Flow through Hose Pipes.
  • Stainless Steel Chasis.
  • Reliable Drive Train.
  • Faster Unloading System.
  • High Capacity Hydraulic System.
  • High Ground Clearance.
  • Most Modern Operational Efficiency.
  • Available in Single Stage and Double Stage Reduction option.
  • Good maneuverability in the Wet and Soft Fields.
  • Best Quality Crop Cutting Blades.
  • Long Length thresher rotor for complete threshing


PREET 949 TAF - Tangential Axial Flow Track Combine Harvester features a high-power Four Cylinder Diesel Engine (76 PS @ 2200 RPM). A large Torque Reserve, Simple Design, Low Maintenance Costs are coupled with High Fuel Efficiency and Friendly to the Environment. Clean grain is stored in a large-capacity grain tank. Such capacity increases performance efficiency by reducing unload cycles. Improved Augar System for Quick Unloading of grains into trucks and trailers.

Threshing System with Flexible Concave ensures active separation with minimum damage to grains and straw, including in the most complex field conditions. The improved threshing system is makes sure consistent and gentle threshing without loss. Autonomous rethreshing unit will ensure that crops are harvested with minimal loss. Note: Technical Specification may change/update without any prior notice.

Type Combine Harvester
Crop Multicrop
Length(mm) 4780 MM
Width(mm) 2250 MM
Height(mm) 2760 MM
Ground Clearance (mm) 420 MM
Weight (kg) 3225 KG
Engine Modal 497 TCIC BS,III
Cooling System Water Cooled
No of cylinder 4
Power 76 PS at2200 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 85 ltr
Threshing Cylinder Diameter (mm) 635 MM
Threshing Width 1625 MM
Grain Tank Capacity 1020 ltr

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